St. Hubert’s


Good Shepherd est. 1880

Fall 2002



“St. Hubert’s jagged front, rude paths and rustic bridge…declare a spot remote…”


“”Like pinions moving, the oars are plied the church to reach”

Rev. E.O. Flagg. “Earlier and Later Poems”






“A small chapel of graceful design stands on this island, and, with its parsonage, forms an interesting feature of the locality.”

“State of New York Annual Report of the Forest Commission”






“The scene of a bright Sunday morning, when the boats gathered from far and near, filled with worshippers in gay apparel, was highly picturesque and gave church-going the novel charm of a devotional outing to a shrine of God-tinged beauty.”

Alfred Donaldson. “A History of the Adirondacks”





Church of the Good Shepherd

St. Hubert’s Isle

HC02 Box 237

Raquette Lake, NY


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Organ Recital – 2002

2002Organ           2002Organ2

There were 70 people on the island for the Annual Service, and
77 the summer before which included the baptism of three of
Mother’s grandchildren by the Rev. Nancy Rosenblum.

The organist this summer, Michael Salvatore from Beverly, MA,
was superb. He made the little pump organ sound as though we
were in a cathedral. If only Dad could have been there! Michael
hopes to return the summer of 2004.

The Albany TimesUnion article generated a number of phone
calls, e-mails and hits to our web site. Luckily the site was up
until after the service.

Robert Brill, the City Editor, did a great job paring down my
many words.

Bob Conklin canoed over for an afternoon with a group of Boy
Scouts from Troop 2 in Albany. One of the fathers cleared the
gutters of the main house while the boys moved brush and then
had a swim.

TimesUnion article


A lovely group from the Everson Museum in Syracuse toured the
church at the end of September, along with the Program
Directors of Sagamore and St. William’s. Dad would have
appreciated all the interest in the history of the place that he
called “home” for so many years.

Work on the church foundation was completed in October by Mr.
Alfred Stone from the Plattsburgh area, ably assisted by Matt.
The building fund is at about $2,000, so we may be sending out
another appeal in the near future.

We also hope to rent out the cottage on a more regular basis to
help finance additional upkeep.

Cottage Rental


Gary Alker, formerly with Classic Brass, came up for 10 days
with four members of his high school youth group from the
Community Church in Columbia, Maryland. They used weed
whackers all over the property, lined the paths with birch logs,
took lots of photos and next year hope to start work rebuilding
the gazebo. It was a great summer!

Summer 2002

1987-Being-sillyL        1987-Family-visitL

On a personal note, Mother’s last immediate family member, her
sister Kathleen Elizabeth Dunlop Walsh, passed away on Friday
13 September 2002 at the age of 85. We were in Montreal for the
memorial service on Mount Royal.

It was wonderful to see all of our Canadian cousins, but an
emotional time for everyone.

We are planning a 90th birthday celebration for Mother on
Saturday afternoon 3 May 2003, hopefully in Carmichael Hall at
St. Andrew’s, Albany. We’ll send more details as plans firm up.

As always, thank you all for your support.

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