St. Hubert’s


Good Shepherd est. 1880

Fall 2004



“St. Hubert’s jagged front, rude paths and rustic bridge…declare a spot remote…”


“”Like pinions moving, the oars are plied the church to reach”

Rev. E.O. Flagg. “Earlier and Later Poems”




“A small chapel of graceful design stands on this island, and, with its parsonage, forms an interesting feature of the locality.”

“State of New York Annual Report of the Forest Commission”




“The scene of a bright Sunday morning, when the boats gathered from far and near, filled with worshippers in gay apparel, was highly picturesque and gave church-going the novel charm of a devotional outing to a shrine of God-tinged beauty.”

Alfred Donaldson. “A History of the Adirondacks”



Church of the Good Shepherd

St. Hubert’s Isle

HC02 Box 237

Raquette Lake, NY


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Successful Tour in August

40 members of AARCH (Adirondack Architectural Heritage) toured
Raquette Lake this summer visiting the Antlers, Camp Pine Knot
(Huntington), St. William’s on Long Point and concluded the
daylong activity with a tour of Good Shepherd followed by
refreshments in the rectory.

We had 40 at the Annual Service the previous Sunday. The Rev.
Nancy Rosenblum was the preacher, the great-grandchildren took
up the collection and the rains stayed away. Mike Burke joined
the crowd for refreshments on the porch before transporting
them back to the village, and everyone was pleased John brought
Jean up to the lake for four days.


125th Anniversary in 2005

1873 Estey Pump Organ        2002Organ        1923-MRRR-standard-gaugeL

We will be celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Church of the
Good Shepherd on Sunday 7 August 2005. Possible activities
include a presentation on the three-quarter mile Carry Railroad, a
talk about architect Josiah Cleveland Cady and a recital on the
1873 Estey pump organ.

Activities will start about 3 pm, followed by the Annual Vespers
Service at 4 pm and concluding with refreshments at the
rectory. We hope to see you there.


1880-Stereoview-Ch-WomenL Josiah Cleveland Cady is Architect of Good Shepherd

In her 1993 retrospective on the legacy of the architect,
Professor Kathleen Curran (Trinity College, Hartford) calls Josiah
Cleveland Cady (1837-1919) “a forgotten architect of the Gilded

Among his works are the original Metropolitan Opera House, the
American Museum of Natural History, 15 buildings at Yale and
many churches, including one at the Virginia Hampton Institute,
the first college for Native and African-Americans. Cady was
also a finalist in the design competition for the Cathedral of St.
John the Divine, NYC.

St. William’s on Long Point, across the bay from Good
Shepherd, has long identified Cady as the architect of their 1890
church with its beautiful example of the “shingle” style.

But we had no clue as to who designed Good Shepherd until
AARCH sent us a 37-page article, “The Works of Cady, Berg &
See,” from an 1897 issue of the Architectural Journal.

Illustrating the article were 42 photographs of Cady’s work
including the three below labeled, “Church in the Adirondacks.”

Photographer identified as Stoddard

1880churchinadirondacks1L        1880churchinadirondacks2L        1880churchinadirondacks3L

The University of Pennsylvania Fisher Fine Arts Library very
kindly e-mailed us scans of the three 1880 photos accompanying
the above 1897 article. The attachment totaled 34.8 MB, more
than enough to work with using Adobe PhotoShop.

The detail is fantastic (click photos to enlarge) — decorative ferns
in the font, hanging lamps near the organ, a man in a bowler hat
and afternoon coat on the front steps of the church. The absence
of the Tiffany windows and lack of trees helped guesstimate the
photos as 1880.

1.  February — Phone call from AARCH mentioning 1897 article

2.  April — AARCH sends copy of article, photos are of Good

3.  August — U of Penn Fisher Fine Arts Library sends high
resolution scans (34.8MB) of the three photographs for our

4.  September — Former director of the Chapman Historical
Museum in Glens Falls is positive second photo is by
Seneca Ray Stoddard

5.  September — “Stereoview” of St. Hubert’s Isle found on
a British website is identical to second photo and is
labeled, “S. R. Stoddard, Glens Falls, NY. Island Church,
Raquette Lake, 1880″

This brings to eight the number of known photos of St. Hubert’s
Isle by Seneca Ray Stoddard.

Stoddard Photos

 2003Church-cropped        1883COOS2-cropped

1962 – Story of the Twin Churches 

by William Wessels

“It is a little on the unusual side to find two churches identical in
construction and located in widely separated parts of the United States.

“Yet, the author discovered this similarity between the Church of
the Good Shepherd, on St. Hubert’s Isle at Raquette Lake in the
Adirondacks, and the Church of Our Saviour, on St. John’s River
in Mandarin, Florida…”.

Full Story

Sailing_at_Tioga_Point Raquette Lake Postcards

Our collection of Raquette Lake postcards is growing. Our first
two were gifts from Warder Cadbury to Ralph Carmichael. Two
collectors, one a professor at a California university and another
a resident of upstate NY, both generously allowed their Raquette
Lake cards to be shared with visitors to our web site. And there
have been several recent acquisitions. Enjoy!


2004LeaNoelL Family News

In August, there was a wonderful graduation party for four
of Jean Carmichael’s grandchildren who graduated in 2004 — Kate
and Lea (SUNY Potsdam), Noël (NYU) and Nic (Auburn U). Nic
drew the pencil sketch of the church we use as our logo. Jean’s
daughters-in-law, Sandy and Rebecca, hosted the celebration
along with Andy’s eldest daughter Megan and her fiancé. We
are so proud of all our young people.


Carmichael Family Trust, est. 1993

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