1905: A Mountain-Lake Idyl

by the Rev William Brown-Serman

Photography by Stanley Brown-Serman





1905-p22-L 1905-p23-L

July 1905 Four Track News NYC
Volume IX No. 1

The Rev. William Brown-Serman was the priest-in-charge of the Church of the Good Shepherd on Raquette Lake from December 1894 through the summer of 1941. His son Stanley assisted him from 1931-1941.

The Four Track News was an “Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Travel and Education,” published at 7 East 42nd Street in New York City, edited by John K. LeBaron. Originally it was five cents a copy and fifty cents a year but by 1905 the price had risen to ten cents.

Walter Gregory purchased the magazine about 1906-07 and renamed it the Travel Magazine.

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