1995 Sermons and Reflections

Sermons and Reflections

The Rev. Ralph Miller Carmichael

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Blue Mountain Lake, New York:  1995


Table of Contents

Preface & Acknowledgements

Biography –  The Rev. Ralph Miller Carmichael

The Church of the Transfiguration – Historical Sketch


Understandings  – completed

Sermons  – scanning in progress

“The three categories can be distinguished in thought, 

but never separated in a Christian life.”  RMC

I – The Life of the Church


The Kingdom of God Is Like….

The Divine Initiative in the Old Testament

The Divine Initiative in the New Testament

Family Values

The Papacy

The Meaning of Life

Stand Up for Jesus

I Am Opposed To Organized Religion

The Authority of the Church

No Male or Female

II – The Life and Teachings of Christ


Who Was Jesus?

God’s Kingdom Does Not Fail

Weeds Among the Wheat

What Is Sin?

Jesus Asks “What’s Next?”

Who is the Greatest?

The Foundation and the Test

Jesus Brings Conflict

But Who Do You Say I Am?

The Narrow Door

III – Christian Life Today


Our Mission

Forgive 70 x 7  Times

The Sabbath Was Made for Mankind

Faith vs. the Occult

Thinking About Death

Conservative or Liberal?

Independence Day

The Global Economy

The Bible and American Society

The Growth of the Kingdom

Christianity and Other Religions

How Shall We Understand God?


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