Flagg: “St. Hubert’s Isle, Number Two” 1890



On Racquette Lake, St. Hubert’s Island
Arrests the eye — a lovely highland.
A noted feature in the skyland.
A church, with rectory is seen,
Inclosed with flower and evergreen.
A guide to point the wandering mind,
The regions of the soul to find.

The wave is oft with splendors glowing,
The majesty of sunset showing,
A richness o’er the landscape throwing.
The squirrel boldly climbs the tree,
The bird and butterfly soar free,
Protected near Devotion’s seat, —
From harmful snare, — a sure retreat.

Like doves unto their windows flying,
Note worshipers in boats outlying,
Who, toward the House of God are hieing.
The man of leisure and of wealth,
The invalid in search of health;
The huntsmen who ‘mid deerland roam,
Now seek this consecrated Home.

The day is fading on the island,
The worshipers have left the highland,
Far down the lake or on the nightland.
Now vanished is the glare of day,
The moon asserts her gentle sway;
And seems with loving smile to bless,
This shrine within the wilderness.

Edward O. Flagg, DDLD 1890

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