A 1920s Visit to Raquette Lake

 Touring-Car-L  Family-of-three2-L  1920s-RL-House-L
 Car Ferry from Forked Lake
8 miles to Village
 Family  Raquette Lake House
1903 – 1927
 Boys-in-GuideBoat2-L  1920s-Steamer-Killoquah-L  1920s-View-L
 Brothers trying guideboat  Steamer Killoquah No. 2
leaving the Village
 Blue Mountain

courtesy Regina Ziemann

Early in the 21st century two sisters were browsing through an antique shop on the main street of Cazenovia, NY, and came upon a set of over-sized negatives – for just fifty cents! The one mark of identification was the name “Raquette Lake House” on the third floor of the large hotel where the family stayed.

After much searching, the sisters found a photographer able to work with the huge format used in the 1920s. The places in the photos matched some of the sites pictured in books they later found in the Raquette Lake Library.

They mentioned their discovery on an Adirondack Museum message board dedicated to children’s camps in the area, and graciously agreed to allow us to share the photographs with visitors to our web site.

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