Potter’s Restaurant and Cottages

1904 – 2003

 1920s-Potters-Porch-L  Potters-Cabins-M  Potters-Cottages--L
 Porch overlooking the Lake  1930s Some of the Cabins at Potter’s  Shore at Potter’s
 Potters-Lounge-M  2003-Potters-BML-snow-L
 Lounge at Potter’s  Winter 2003
with For Sale sign

Potter’s had the best location around – right at the intersection of Routes 28 and 30. Family members always made a point to stop there for a home-cooked meal. In fact, in 1959 this is where my parents first heard that St. Hubert’s Isle had been put on the market by the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

When a new Blue Mountain Lake House building burned down in 1904, just the night before the season’s opening, it was not rebuilt. Elmer Potter opened an emergency restaurant on the nearby lakefront site and converted some rough cabins for the displaced guests. For 100 years this operated as Potter’s Cottages.

Potter’s is now a private camp.

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