100-acre resort run by Bryere family 1891-1957

 Pre-Restoration-L  1910-Brightside-Pine-Cott-M  After-Restoration-L
 Pre-Restoration in 2001
note collapsing boathouse
 1910 Pine Cottage
remained in the Bryere family
 Main Lodge after restoration
by Fiber Instrument Sales
 Lounge-L  Piano-L  Radio-L
 Great Room  1887 Vose & Sons Piano  Native American Room
 Fireplace-L  Antique-wall-L  Pool-table-L
 Main Lodge  Antique 2-person saw, tools  Game Room
 Golf-course-L  From-the-lake-L  Wooden-rocker-L
 Golf course  From the lake  Rustic twig chairs

Photos courtesy BrightSide

Some BrightSide history here

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