Hunter’s Rest

 1900s_Looking_East_from_Hunters_Rest  1911StoddardHuntersRest-L  RPPC_Islands_Hunters_Rest
 1900s Looking East
from Hunters’ Rest
 1911 Stoddard photo  HM Beach 1900s A Group of Islands
from Hunters’ Rest
 1905-1920Landing_at_Hunters_Rest  1910-Hunters-Rest-S  c1909Hunters_Rest
 Jackson 1905-1920
Landing at Hunters’ Rest
 1910 Main Building  1909
Likely William Henry Jackson
 Hunters-Rest-Landing-S  1920-Hunters-Rest-color-M
 The Landing  1920 Phostint postcard Hunters’ Rest

Hunters’ Rest is located on a point just north of the Antlers. It was a popular hostelry not only for hunters during the winter months, but also for the increasing number of summer visitors to the Raquette Lake region.

When the rectory on St. Hubert’s burned down in 1914, all the lumber for the new building was shipped to Merlin Austin at Hunters’ Rest in 1918, then brought across to the Island on barges.1

In the 1950s and 60s the resort was owned by Marian and Jim Bird. John worked there the summer of 1960 – the food was fantastic and he learned the secret of delicious French toast. Add an extra chunk of butter to each side of the bread after dipping in the egg mixture. Our family loved it!

1 Receipt found in study of new rectory

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