Steamboat Landing


 HMBeach-BML-steamer-M  HMBeach-BML-Tuscarora-M  Tuscarora-BML-M
 Moonlight on the Lake
photo Henry M. Beach
 Excursion Steamer Tuscarora
photo Henry M. Beach
 Blue Mountain
Steamer Tuscarora
 1915-Steanboat-Canpsite-M  1940s-Steamboat-Lndng-L  Steambost-Landing--L
 1915 Steamboat Dock Campsite   1930s Cabins at Steamboat Landing  1940s Steamboat Landing
Church visible on far left behind trees
 1950-Steamboat-Lndng-L  1950s-SL-Mobil-L
 1950 From the Lake  1950s From Route 28

In 1957, knowing nothing about the history of the region, we first thought that “Steamboat Landing” was a cute name for a restaurant right on the water. Their Sunday pancake breakfast between church services was delicious!

Harold Hochschild, William Wessels, Craig Gilborn and Warder Cadbury soon immersed our family in the many tales of the Durant family and their influence on Raquette and Blue Mountain Lakes.

Steamboat Landing originally was a boathouse for the huge steamers that took sight-seers through the lakes from 1900 to 1929. The former boathouse then became a restaurant with nearby rental cabins.

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