New Gazebo, Propane Delivery by Barge

1880-Gazebo-L 2003-001 2003-02 2003-03
1969 Tearing down 1880 gazebo Nothing left 2003 Gazebo
2003-05 2003-06 2003-07 2003-08
The crew Lea Jean & boys Jean boating Jean swimming
2003-09 2003-10 Our Gazebo 2003-BeforeTrimmingPlantingL
Bird’s Seaplane St. Hubert’s Beautiful Cleaning the dock
2003-Propane-truck-barge-L 2003-0729Cottage-tanksL 2003-Rectory-tanks-L 2003-BeforeTrimmingL
Barge delivering
our propane
Hoses don’t quite reach
the guest house
Running the hose up
to main house
Boathouse before
fresh paint

Photography by Gary Alker (No. 2-11)

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