2005 – 125th Anniversary Page 2

Kristen’s Photos
1880 – 2005

Cruise on the W.W. Durant 2005-Boathouse-Sign-L 2005-Before-Service-L
W.W. Durant Welcome Interior Island Church
2005-Guideboat-Flat-Rock-L 2005-Mailbag-on-MailRock-L 2005-Visitor-from-Osprey-L
Guide Boat on Flat Rock Old leather mailbag on Mail Rock
Chain from huge steamer dock
Visitor in canoe
2005-Trumpet-Fanfares-L 2005-Congregation-SRO-L 2005-Display-Table-L
Trumpet Fanfares SRO – 140 visitors Lantern from Marion River RR dock
Oiler bent in RL Railway accident
2005-Carry-Photos-L 2005-Nancy-Windows-L 2005-Paul-on-Estey-Organ-L
Carry Railroad photos Rev. Nancy Rosenblum Paul at 1873 pump organ
2005-Andrew-Friends-L 2005-Kristen-Photographer-L 2005-Last-photo-L
Andrew & friends Kristen – photographer Last photo with Jean
John Fay Paul Andy

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