1957: Relics of 1890 Travel in the Central Adirondacks by Jim Fynmore

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Marion River Carry RR and [Merwin’s] Blue Mountain House


Steamers Tuscarora, Adirondack and Osprey


Osprey leaving Raquette Lake for the Adirondack Museum

North Country Life – Fall 1957
Photos of Blue Mountain House and Osprey by Jim Fynmore
Other photos courtesy Adirondack Museum

Jim Fynmore was the co-author and illustrator of “Black Cotton Stockings” with Ron Ryder about the old days in Boonville, New York, published in 1954 by New York Country Books. Mr. Fynmore was a well-known photographer and writer in the Adirondacks whose photos were included in many other publications.

He also was the author and photographer of “The Central Adirondacks: A Picture Story,” published by Prospect Books in 1955. It contains a large number of excellent black and white photos and some copies can still be found.

His son, Edward P. Fynmore, is the owner of the Fynmore Studios and Art Gallery on Main Street in Boonville.

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