Views Around Blue Mountain Lake

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 Tuscarora2-BML-M  1911-Kellogg-Tuscarora-M  Boarding-Tuscarora-BML-L
 1900-1929 Steamer Tuscarora
Library of Congress Collection
 1911 Boarding Steamer for Blue Mountain
photo E.E. Kellogg
1911 Tuscarora at the Upper Carry
colorised photo E.E. Kellogg
 1887BlueWoodEngraving-L  1885-Bierstadt-Arond-BlML-L  BML-from-Fire-Tower-L
 1887 Wood Engraving
M. Bradley
 1885 Around Blue Mountain
Steamboat Pier – View from Prospect House
The Gazebo at Merwin’s
photo Edward Bierstadt
 Blue Mountain Lake
from Fire Tower
 1888-SRS-Bridge-at-Outlet-L  Biersstadt-BML-Outlet-L  Memorial-Bridge-M
 1888 Bridge at Outlet
Steamer Towahloondah
photo Seneca Ray Stoddard
 1885 Wooden Bridge
between Blue Mountain & Eagle
photo Edward Bierstadt
 1891 Pioneer Bridge replaces wooden bridge
in honor of Dr. Thomas Durant
Library of Congress Collection
 Beach-photo-BML-L  1910-Beach-Lift-Bridge-M  BMtn-from-Outlet-L
 In the Narrows
photo Henry M. Beach
 1910 The Lift Bridge
Blue Mountain Utowana Eagle Lake Route
photo HM Beach
 Blue Mountain from the Outlet
photo Henry M. Beach

1894 NY Times Charms of the Adirondacks

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