Views Around Blue Mountain Lake Page 3

 1879 Steamer Toowahloondah
Blue Mountain Lake
 1900-Road-Along-Lake-M  1902-Jackson-BM-fr-Eagle-L  Maple-Lodge-BML-L
 1900 Road along Blue
Mountain Lake
 1902 Blue Mountain from Eagle Lake
photochrom William Henry Jackson
 Maple Lodge Blue Mountain Lake
 Faulkners-Inn-M  Beach-Faulkners-L  Bowling-Faulkners-L
 1915 Faulkner’s Inn
“American Switzerland”
 “American Switzerland” Blue Mountain from Faulkner’s Inn
photo HM Beach
 Blue Mountain from Faulkner’s Inn
photo Bowling
 Blue-Mtn-Inn-L  1965-Crane-Lodge-M  1947-BML-Boat-Tour--L
 1886 Blue Mountain Inn
Today LaPrairie House Bed and Breakfast.
 1965 View Lodge at Crane’s Point
Designed 1926 by J. Scholtes
 1947 Collins Boat Livery
Tour of 3 Lakes

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