Views Around Raquette Lake Page 2

 RL-fr-State-Hwy-L  S-Inlet-Bridge-L  S-Inlet-fr-Bridge-L
 View from State Highway  South Inlet Bridge  South Inlet from Bridge
 Wee-Two-L  1910-An-Open-CampL  1902-Guideboat-L
 Wee Two Island  1910 An open camp  1902 Guideboat
 1950s-Birds-Boat-LiveryL  1920-Fishing-South-Inlet-L  1955-RL-Village-L
 1949 Bird’s Boat Livery  1920 Fishing South Inlet  1955 Village
 1966-Sept-Birds-MS  RR-at-Raquette-L  RL-today-L
 Bird’s Seaplane
Oct 1966
 1905 Raquette Lake Village
station & steamers
 2005 Village from same spot
note stone in lower right
 1928Raquette-Lake-Chapel-L  1928RL-Chapel-Interior-L  2005-RL-Comm-Church-L
 1928 RL Community Church  Church Interior
Ceiling lights from Antlers dining room
 2005 Community Church


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