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 To the West
Panoramic view from St. Hubert’s
 Brightside on distant shore
of Indian Point
 12-acre Osprey Island  Channel between Osprey &
St Hubert’s
 Cruise on the W.W. Durant  WW-Durant-L  Beach-RL-Garage-L  Filling-the-Ice-House-L
 Durant from St. Hubert’s  Modeled after Adirondack  H.M. Beach – Bing’s Garage
Today the Recycling Center
 Filling the ice house
at Raquette Lake
 1907-In-Midwinter-on-RL-L  1910-Pine-Knot-Interior-L  Camp-Cedars-interiorL  On-the-road-to-RL-L
 In Midwinter on Raquette Lake
Phostint from Detroit Publishing
early 1900s
 1885 Edward Bierstadt photo
of Camp Cedars
(postcard is mislabeled Pine Knot)
 Blue Mountain Lake Museum
recreation of Camp Cedars
Forked Lake
built by Frederic Durant
 1891 Pioneer Bridge
built by WW Durant in memory of
his father Dr. Thomas Durant

Photos courtesy Gary Alker (1-4), Raquette Lake Navigation (6), Larry Miller (7)
Photo (8) used by permission © Carl Heilman II /


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